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  • Creating a Todo App with Django, Django REST Framework, and VueJS

    Build a Todo App with Django, Django REST Framework, and VueJS. This app allows users to add, edit, and mark tasks as complete. To start, create a Django project and app named todo. Install necessary packages such as django-webpack-loader and django-rest-framework and add them to the INSTALLED_APPS list in the file. Then create a new VueJS project using vue init webpack-simple. Configure the webpack.config.js file and install additional packages such as webpack-bundle-tracker and write-file-webpack-plugin. Define a Todo model in the todo app, along with a serializer to interact with the API. Create a TodoViewSet view to define permissions and add to the todo app to register the view. Use VueJS to create an App.vue file, define API functions in index.js, and add necessary templates and scripts to the index.html file. Finally, run the server and navigate to the app at