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  • Creating a Todo App with Django, Django REST Framework, and VueJS

    Build a Todo App with Django, Django REST Framework, and VueJS. This app allows users to add, edit, and mark tasks as complete. To start, create a Django project and app named todo. Install necessary packages such as django-webpack-loader and django-rest-framework and add them to the INSTALLED_APPS list in the file. Then create a new VueJS project using vue init webpack-simple. Configure the webpack.config.js file and install additional packages such as webpack-bundle-tracker and write-file-webpack-plugin. Define a Todo model in the todo app, along with a serializer to interact with the API. Create a TodoViewSet view to define permissions and add to the todo app to register the view. Use VueJS to create an App.vue file, define API functions in index.js, and add necessary templates and scripts to the index.html file. Finally, run the server and navigate to the app at

  • User Registration and Email Activation in Django: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Discover how to create a robust user registration system with email verification in Django, a popular Python web framework. This guide covers the necessary steps to set up email server configurations, design user-friendly registration forms, and manage account activation links. Follow along as we demonstrate best practices for creating a secure and seamless registration process, ensuring that users can only access their accounts after verifying their email addresses. Learn how to configure Django's built-in email backends and test your email settings to make sure everything is working correctly. Explore form creation, account activation tokens, and URL patterns for managing user activation links. Walk through the process of creating and sending customized email templates, allowing users to activate their accounts and confirm their email addresses. This comprehensive guide will help you implement a reliable and secure user registration system for your Django projects, while providing users with a seamless onboarding experience. By following these steps, you can enhance your website's security and ensure that only legitimate users gain access to your platform.

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