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shafikshaon / Backend Journey: OS and General Knowledge Essentials

Created Mon, 01 May 2023 03:00:00 +0600 Modified Wed, 17 Jul 2024 08:21:53 +0000
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A backend developer roadmap that focuses on “OS and General Knowledge” would emphasize the importance of understanding operating systems and general computing concepts, which are essential for backend developers to optimize and troubleshoot their applications. Here is a suggested roadmap with difficulty levels:

Operating System Basics

Difficulty: Beginner

  • Understand the role and components of an operating system
  • Learn about popular operating systems (e.g., Linux, Windows, macOS) and their differences

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Difficulty: Beginner

  • Learn how to use the command line interface on your chosen operating system
  • Familiarize yourself with basic shell commands for file manipulation, system information, and process management

File System and Permissions

Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Learn about file systems, their structure, and how they work in different operating systems
  • Understand file and directory permissions and ownership, and how to manage them on your chosen OS

Process Management

Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Learn about processes, threads, and their lifecycle within an operating system
  • Understand how to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot processes using command-line tools and utilities

Memory Management

Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Understand the concepts of memory allocation, paging, and virtual memory in an operating system
  • Learn about memory-related performance issues and optimization techniques

Networking Concepts

Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Learn about networking fundamentals, including the OSI model, IP addresses, and network protocols
  • Understand the basics of network configuration and troubleshooting on your chosen OS

System Security

Difficulty: Advanced

  • Learn about operating system security features and best practices, including firewalls, user account management, and system updates
  • Understand common security vulnerabilities and how to protect your system against them

Virtualization and Containerization

Difficulty: Advanced

  • Learn about virtualization technologies, such as VirtualBox, VMware, or Hyper-V, and their use cases
  • Understand containerization concepts and tools, such as Docker and Kubernetes

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Difficulty: Advanced

  • Learn about performance monitoring tools and techniques for your chosen operating system
  • Understand how to diagnose and optimize system performance issues related to CPU, memory, disk, and network usage


As you progress through this roadmap, remember that practice and hands-on experience are essential. Work on personal projects, collaborate with other developers, and continuously update your skills to stay current with industry trends. Utilize various resources, such as online tutorials, books, and coding bootcamps, to enhance your learning experience.

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